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Pelonomi Foundation is an independent charity that raises awareness and educates people on cardiovascular diseases as well as a spectrum of conditions collectively known as dementia. Our mandate is to support people living with dementia and their family carers in Botswana as well as spread the message on CVD preventative measures.

All these people need your donations more than ever.

Your donation today will help us provide crucial support to families facing uncertain times. It will enable us to make home visits, keep our day clubs open and activities, advice and emotional support to people affected by dementia and cardiovascular diseases in these difficult times.

We want you to know that we value your support, whether that’s through taking action, giving up your time, fundraising on our behalf, supporting our campaign or donating. We are committed to treating you with respect and openness.

Thank you for any gift you can give us today

To find out more about becoming a donor get in touch with your local Pelonomi Foundation fundraising manager at