Alcohol Related Dementia (ARD)


Excessive alcohol consumption leads to numerous health problems such as liver damage, stomach issues, impaired cognitive function, insomnia after drinking alcohol, dizziness, and more.  If alcoholic beverages are consumed in large quantities over a relatively short period of times, most health problems can be cured relatively easily using special treatment and by quitting drinking.  However, if one abuses alcohol throughout many years, this doesn’t only lead to liver cirrhosis, but also a condition called alcoholic dementia.  The health condition usually results in improper neurological functioning and serious cognitive issues.

Alcohol dementia can appear to people of all ages, regardless of gender, height or body type. It can result from consuming alcoholic beverages in great quantities, including beer, wine, liquor, spirits, and more. Drinking small amounts of alcohol doesn’t lead to this dangerous medical condition, so having a few drinks per week is considered to be safe.

Alcohol-induced dementia can be acquired if one gets intoxicated with alcohol regularly. This type of intoxication depletes the nutrients in the body, causes brain damage and seriously affects the function of major organs such as liver, kidneys, pancreas, and more. Each person’s body can handle alcohol intoxication differently, but ultimately too much alcohol can lead to serious health conditions.

It is quite common for certain people to start abusing alcohol and some of the most predisposed persons are teenagers drinking, pregnant women, business professionals, and veterans.  Various psychological factors also contribute to acquiring alcohol-related dementia as well as how prone is one person to get a mental illness. If one starts to abuse alcohol regularly (to get rid of stress or avoid facing life issues), this is a surefire path towards dangerous alcohol-related health problems, including alcoholic dementia. In many cases, alcohol abusers try to rationalize bad drinking habits and don’t try to stop drinking because, at first glance, they appear to function properly and have normal lives. However, increasing the dose of alcohol is very easy, and this can lead to major health problems.